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“With considerable charm, keen intelligence and knowledge drawn from hard experience, Fiona Ogilvie shows that when circumstances change, real gardeners get going.”


Trevor Nottle, Australian Garden History Journal, July/August 2007.



There are thousands of gardening books, so why write another? As most of them assume their readers live in a favourable gardening climate, I wanted to write one for people like me, battling hot summers, frosty winters and an annual rainfall that sometimes plummets below three hundred millimetres.


I had to learn by trial and error what would grow and I longed to share my knowledge. I also wanted to share the story of how I grew up in England and had to adapt to the dramatically different life on an Australian farm, and how gardening helped me along the way.


My inspiration was my own garden and how it developed from what was here in 1988 to the half-acre that it has become, full of plants I love.





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